Photos By Jason

Who are we? My name is Jason. I got my first SLR camera when I was 10 years old and I was hooked, since then I have shot pretty much everything. I have experience in portrait, weddings, boudoir / glam, automotive, landscape, commercial, location, and event photography. I've even worked in an "Old Time" studio to get a bit more variety under my belt. I shoot both digital and 35mm film. When you hire me you can trust that I will bring professional gear and experience to give you the best photographs I can offer.

Photography is unquestionably one of the things where you get what you pay for. Take that in to consideration when you see those ads out there for a $150 wedding or "free" shoots where the photographer is asking for shots for their portfolio.

What can I do for you? As I said before, I have experience doing a little bit of everything. Right now I am primarily focusing on portrait, glamor, and weddings. But that does not mean I won't take on other projects. Just drop me an email and ask!

Do not expect the typical experience with me. I am nothing like the kid at the "Studio In A Can" department stores. They hire someone that will sit you down and push a button. With me you get someone that is serious about photography. I have done it for years and I honestly have a passion for it. I enjoy what I do and I want you to enjoy it too, both while we are shooting and in the product I deliver to you.

I like to take a more photo journalistic approach to my shooting. I might suggest you stand over here, or sit over there but I want to capture you being you. I generally will not do a lot of posing and I think the shots come out much more natural and we have a lot more fun that way. Take this in to account if you contact me for weddings or other events. We can work out a shot list for groups but my style is to get more candid shots than to set up a bunch of portraits. I also can, and do, travel, so don't be afraid to ask about a shoot just because you aren't local. I want to book a shoot! Now what? You want to do a shoot? Great! Just send me an email me at and we will get something set up. Be sure to friend me on Facebook as well!